Refugee scouts

Wie funktionieren die Flüchtlingsscouts? - How does the Refugees scouts work? – چگونه پیشآهنگ مهاجرین کار می کند؟

Long-term unemployed people have to support refugees in coping with everyday barriers, which can contribute to the better integration into society of both groups and thus be a win-win situation.

The scouts support refugees who live in institutions of the Verein für Innere Mission in Bremen. In these houses, the ProJob is already carrying out caretaker and cleaning services. Through our contacts with the local supervisors, we learn what is often lacking and which help is still useful.

From it we have developed a new Labor Market Policy Project as a support offer for working with refugees. This idea is based on the good experiences with the,, everyday helpers “in the Jakobushaus, and in the Wichernhaus of the Verein für Innere Mission in Bremen.

In Bremen, only by association Verein für Innere Mission in Bremen about 2000 refugees are currently being looked after. Due to the scarce care capacities the full-time employees have to concentrate on the most urgent necessities. To the needs of the often traumatized refugees can only be considered a little. In addition, the lack of knowledge of German language scills complicates the situation of asylum seekers. Many come alone in a completely foreign country with their own mentalities and special procedures.

The refugee scouts are additional contacts for asylum seekers for many matters. They are intended to facilitate familiarization with the new environment and to provide help for self-help. They can help the refugees in the emergency accommodation, but also in the transitional dwellings.

The refugee scouts are professionally prepared by us. To this end an intensive training on the upcoming tasks in the project areas at the Münchener Straße 90 will take place before they start to work in the accommodation. In addition, there is a weekly meeting for the mutual exchange of work experience and permanent guidance by the project management and a social assistant.

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