ProJob – our philosophy

Per Inclusion

Stands for the Christian idea of charity. To give people a chance to participate fully and equally in all social processes – from the beginning and independent of individual abilities, ethnic and social origin, gender or age.

Per Prospects

We offer people new opportunities to open up prospect, learn how it is when someone is there for them, get employment, find a training place or workplace.

Per Goals

We use modern measuring instruments to document our goals. We consult our customers, employees, suppliers and clients to ensure a profile of the possibilities and the achievable goals for all participants.

Per Transparency

Means we show transparency in our actions both internally and externally. We operate a complaints management system and have a comprehensive controlling system.

Per Qualification

Stands for needs – oriented, planned course of action, for the possibility of getting better in a measure than in unemployment, to integrate and prepare for the first labor market.

Per Products

Is innovation and economic products. Whether the artistic mosaic is in the school yard, a delicious food from our kitchen or a properly executed order, we always manufacture things or offer services that benefit the people and with which our customers are satisfied.

Per Gender

We promote and encourage equal opportunities for women and men.

Per Team

Stands for us: to think together, to talk together, to act together and to have a quality management system that is carried and lived by all people who are active in our company.

Bremen, 01.10.2014