Department Store Hemelingen

Department Store Hemelingen

The Collaboration project of the Gröpelinger Recycling initiative (GRI), the ProJob Bremen gGmbH and the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bundes (ASB) focuses on the long-term unemployed and people with mental disabilities.

They should find employment and qualify at the same time. The goal is social participation within our society and pre-accession and integration into the general labor market.

The department store Hemelingen sells used and processed everyday items, in particular clothing, furniture, and household items, and is the Café WERNER appear. The project promoters have successfully carried out other subproject of this kind.

The district also benefits from project: Until the summer of 2017, a large, attractive department store and an inviting meeting place café will be built in a central location on Hemelinger Bahnhofstraße, enriching the local economy and reviving the street train should be further stimulated.

The people of the Hemelingen district are also benefiting from the project, since they can buy inexpensive everyday items at the department store, they can supply their money.

54 project participants from the age of 26 and above will get professional knowledge from the trades of transport, sales, administration and public relation during the project period until 31.12.2018.

In addition of professional guidance staff in the practical areas, social pedagogical specialists are available for advice and support. The participants can be accompanied and demanded according to their own requirements and abilities.

Kaufhaus Hemelingen
Hemelinger Bahnhofstr. 21
28309 Bremen

Susanne Quest - Socialworker
Jürgen Mades - Instructor & Coordination
+49 421 417 495 59

Kaufhaus Hemelingen:

ProJob - Ralf Lüschen +49 162-20 222 75
- Andreas Kaireit (0421) 64 39 40

- Jobst von Schwarzkopf (0421) 41 75 85

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