Donate your deposit

Donate your deposit is a joint initiative of the Airport Bremen, the recycling company the Grüne Punkt- Dual System Deutschland GmbH and ProJob Bremen gGmbH and is supported by the Jobcenter Bremen, the Idea of donate your deposite was developed by the student initiative enactus.

The Idea
Who does not know that? One stands in the line of the security control and has still a beverage bottle in the hand luggage... many thousand returnable bottles land annually at the airport Bremen in the garbage, the project “ donate your deposite” is a good cause for money spent in the buoy and thus receive a job and 
regular income co-financed from the donated donation.

Our partner
Bremen Airport cooperation with ProJob Bremen gGmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of the Association for Innere Mission Bremen
, and the company the Grüne Punkt dual system Deutschland GmbH. The Grüne Punkt accepts the donated bottles and passes the deposit to ProJob 1:1 in addition, the Jobcenter Bremen promotes the employment, which is subject to social insurance.